Welcome to TKT

Welcome to the TakeTwo Clan (TKT Clan) website!

TakeTwo (TKT) is an invite-only multi-gaming clan, with a primary focus on MMORPGs as well as other multiplayer games. Currently you will find TakeTwo members playing games such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Starcraft 2, Heroes of Newerth, Civilization 5 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The core members of TakeTwo have over a decade of gaming under their belts at various levels ranging from casual to hardcore. As the trials and tribulations of the real world have caught up with us we have opted out of standard hardcore gaming in favour of our own approach, which is pretty simple; we play what we want, when we want.

TakeTwo at its core follows the mentality of a progression orientated organisation. That is to say that when we decide to play a game we play to progress to the highest levels of gameplay allowed. Whether we’re playing an MMO, FPS or RTS title we are always looking to better ourselves and move forward as a clan.

TakeTwo is an invite-only clan and as such we don’t facilitate a standard application-form based recruitment process. Instead we have a member-invite and head-hunt system that allows us to pick the players we are certain will fit in to the family we have built. We aren’t interested in numbers either; regardless of whether we have 8 or 80 members our community will always be focused on ensuring the central principles it was founded on; we will never invite anyone we don’t feel has a place here.

Interested in getting our attention?

If you are interested in joining us you may contact us using the information found in the Contact Us area and we will certainly take an interest in your membership. Keep in mind however that if you are not known to at least some of our members, it is unlikely that you will get invited to join us. Let us know what games you are playing and we may drop you a line!