TKT has been quiet for the past few months. With the failure of Star Wars The Old Republic, and the abandoning of World of Warcraft, it’s been hard for the clan to stay together. Thankfully we have weathered the storm, and with renewed interest in Guild Wars 2, as well as the actual launch imminent, it’s time for us to get back into the swing of things.

Allow us to present the NEW, IMPROVED, SEXY, home for TKT moving forward.

TakeTwo becomes TKT

As you’ll notice, I’ve not mentioned the name “TakeTwo” anywhere; as of today, TakeTwo will simply use the clan tag – TKT – that we’ve been using on Steam, as well as in some games.

The Road Ahead

So what is ahead for TKT? Over the next few days, indelible will be writing some blog posts to detail how the clan is going to grow moving forward. Guild Wars 2 is of course going to be our main focus for the time being, but with a wealth of multiplayer games out there holding some interest to us all, it’s about time we started acting like a multigaming clan again.

Keep an eye out over the next few days for posts on: recruiting, games of interest, donation benefits, events, and league gaming. Also keep an eye out for some interesting info on how TKT intends to extend itself within the communities of the games we play, as this will be very important to the continued health of the clan. Also read more about the clan here or contact us here.