TKT is happy to release our launch details for the already-released triple-A MMO Guild Wars 2 — no word yet on Guild Wars 3, but we’ll finish up the story of GW2 first ­čÖé

TKT will be based on the European server Aurora Glade. 

We have chosen Aurora Glade due to its healthy population of English speaking guilds, not just from the UK but from right across Europe (as well as countries like South Africa). Having a healthy representation spread out along numerous time-zones will allow the server to field teams for WvW at many hours during the day, which should lead to a good showing even against the larger servers in Europe.

TKT will be going to great lengths to integrate with the community on Aurora Glade, and we will announce our community content and participation plans shortly.

We would like to extend an invitation to those rolling on Aurora Glade to get in contact with us for any cooperative community efforts, including Alliances, community event organization, and the like!

See you in game!

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