Guys, we really hate to do this but we have to. In our limited days of the website reopening (we’ve been alive for several years before this though!), we’ve already received a couple applications to join. Our application form for the clan is coming soon, but those that were already eager to join the clan have messaged us privately in-game. We certainly appreciate that and have welcomed your applications. We’ve asked to include in your applications what kind of computer you are playing.

We ask this not to spite you or anything malicious, but to keep a level of quality running within the clan. TKT simply must accept members who will consistently perform. This means both in terms of gameplay and in terms of hardware. We cannot afford to accept members whose computers are unable to run the games we play consistently. The keyword is consistently because perhaps ones computer can run the game at any moment. However, if said member’s computer lags in between rounds, our team’s overall performance suffers. Think of how important each second is in a game like CS:GO, a game we play as one of our Divisions. To keep the quality of our performance and clan up, each member has to comfortably surpass our minimum PC specs for video games, which we have listed below for your reference. Keep in mind that these are just guidelines. If, for whatever reason, you feel your computer is far better than it looks, feel free to message us. We are a free-flowing community of gamers, but we do look for the best of the crop.

TKT minimum PC requirements for games


Your processor should not be older than 7 years. That is a safe enough distance from this year to eliminate some outdated CPUs. Again, as mentioned above, if yours happens to be older than 7 years but you are comfortable with your desktop for eSports gaming, then shoot us a message. We’d be happy to discuss with you and perhaps take a closer look at your desktop.

Graphics card:

This only comes second to processors, if only for the fact that we play more CPU-intensive games than graphic-heavy games. PC games like CS:GO or Guild Wars 2 really don’t need an expensive graphics card to perform well, but they sure as heck do need a solid processor. For this requirement, we only suggest you get nothing below what a GTX 1050 performs at. That is a very low bar to reach and I’m sure if you are interested in joining our PC clan, you have that ready to go. Most of our members have at least a GTX 1060 and above, though we would not mind lower graphics cards as long as you talk to us about it!


The last of our PC requirements is RAM. You will need at least 8 GB of it, whether that be DDR3 or DDR4. Most games will function well with just 4 GB, but because we have set the other minimum gaming computer requirements so low, we need RAM to be at least 8 GB. Besides, RAM is the cheapest to upgrade out of the three we have chosen, so take that for what it’s worth. ­čÖé

Other requirements

The other requirements we ask of you is to please have a gaming headset on. It must be a specified as a headset designed for gamers, as lower quality cans will be harder for you to perform well in. For extremely competitive games, we rely on each other to call out strategies and enemy locations, so a gaming headset is required. Obviously, also have sufficient storage space as we will be playing lots of games. We do accept applications for only one or two divisions or games of interest, but TKT does prefer its members to play several of our games.