Similar to how we have minimum PC hardware requirements, which are more general guidelines for your gaming desktop than anything, we also decided to include this section for an ideal gaming computer. To reiterate on the last post, we hold our members to high standards in order to keep the overall quality of our clan up. This means each member needs a decent computer to play our video games on. Generally, higher performing computers help eliminate the follies that come with lesser desktops. In turn, this increases our performance as we can focus more on our skills rather than potential disruptions a lesser computer may cause. For instance, framerate lag is a big part of gaming. Getting rid of that almost completely ensures our ability to play competitively against the other PC clans out there and so we aim for each member to do so.

Here is our list of ideal PC requirements, based on what our existing members already have. We’d love for new applicants to follow this more as a guideline as opposed to the minimum requirements. Of course, we are a forgiving brand of members. These are all just loose guidelines that we try to enforce. If you feel you are the exception, send us a message along with your application and we’ll contact you to discuss it. More likely than not, if your hardware truly is up to snuff then we will accept  you into our group, given you impress us in other ways as well.


Our members are all part of the Intel family when it comes to processors. The lowest-ranked CPU in our member list is an i5-6500, which is a roughly $200 processor. As mentioned in our minimum requirements, you can get much lower than that, but ideally we prefer that as the minimum. The highest-ranked CPU is from yours truly (Nazre), with the holy grail Intel i7-6700K overclocked. No member here is going to expect any applicants to come up with i7s, especially considering that is overkill for the games we play. We just found it worthy to mention in case you would like to join our group.

Graphics card:

There are so many different cards each member has that it would be tough, and quite frankly almost pointless, to list them out. By far the most common video card in our member’s gaming computers is the GTX 1060. We are diverse in our cards though, with a few clan members owning GTX 970’s, AMD RX 480’s, and R9 270s. Video cards aren’t super important for the games we play, but we still prefer applicants keep up to pace with our current hardware in case we move on to other, more graphic-intensive games. One of the games we expect to move onto that fits this bill is Destiny 2. It will be released on PC and we expect it to look really good, so cards like the GTX 1060 will be more of a norm than any other card.


Not super important here, and we’d like to maintain the 8 GB as a standard for RAM, even in our ideal PC requirements. Only about a third of our members have more than 8 GB, so if that is what you have, you will fit right in.

Other requirements

Along with a good gaming headset as well as consistent internet connection, we prefer you to also have other gaming gear. This includes gaming keyboards and mice. We don’t have a specific baseline for these PC accessories, but if it works for you and helps you perform better, we are all for it. The rest of the requirements we have is just that you have equipment that will help you perform the best you could to help our clan win. We are a performance-based clan and we love it when we win, which we usually do because of our relatively high requirements for new members as well as our hardcore style of play.