Pharah and Mercy among the two most popular combinations of heroes in the game Overwatch. There especially deadly because Pharah is really difficult to hit. Combine that with Mercy’s awesome ability to fly around to teammates as well as damage boost or heal them, makes this deadly combo that could sometimes be frustrating as a team to handle. At TKT Clan, we sometimes play Overwatch for fun rather than for competitive spirit, but we still would love to enjoy winning the game. This article will cover some of the basics of nipping out the Pharah/Mercy combination in Overwatch. Keep in mind that this is all applying to the PC version of the game. While we are not sure if they are actually any differences in terms of strategy, we want to be sure that you get the best advice and are tips just happened to stem from the PC version.

Because of the mobility of both characters, even just the sight of them on the other team can cause problems for your own team. They’re flying abilities make them hard to pick out of the air, and despite this people will still spend a lot of their time trying to take them out. This causes more problems in other areas of the game where your members are focusing their energy and time on just two characters out of the six on the other team. One possible issue other than the dual taking out your whole team, is that your team could turn its back on Soldier 76 if that hero is unable to take on the Pharah. This could cause flame wars between players of your own team and eventually lead to combustion within your own team and lessened the chemistry when playing the game. Communication worsens and that is how mentally the dual can beat you in your squad. To avoid this, try to maintain some sort of composure. If the Pharah and Mercy Dual was still alive, it is an entirely Soldier 76’s fault. It is a team game and not anyone hero can completely dismember powerful duo such as this one.

So to actually technically beat this to player combination, you have to attack it at its source. This means not going for Pharah, but instead going for Mercy. She is the enabler in the situation; she is the source of Pharah’s healing and damage boosting. You want to get rid of her as soon as possible so that Pharah is alone in the dark. Someone like Tracer who can get behind enemy lines and try to take out Mercy sneakily will be best for this. Other heroes that would be able to take out Mercy on their own are players such as Soldier, Reaper, and Genji. Once the Mercy is taken out, the Pharah becomes much easier because her overall HP isn’t too good, and she doesn’t have a healer to replenish it. Plus, her damage boosting is disabled and thus her overall effect of the game is lessened, though it isn’t completely zeroed out.

So the aim of the game is to get rid of the Mercy first of all. If your team struggles to do this, still continue to maintain your composure as imploding from within your own team is one of the worst ways to lose a game. Remember that they want you to blame each other for their own kills. This results in less communication for your own team and easier when for them. To maintain her composure, play the game the right way by getting rid of the Mercy, and then take Pharah out.