Joining TKT

Before you fill in our application form, it is strongly advised that you read through this page. It will give you an idea of what sort of people we are looking for and whether we are the gaming community for you.

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Know about us before you apply

It’s very important that you know about TKT, either from talking to our members or through reading the site, before you put in an application. You can read our “About TKT” page, look through our “Games” page, read through our forums, or contact us on the site or in one of the games we play to talk to us, but it’s important that you do at least a few of these things before you apply.

Applying to join TKT

It’s very important that you put across the right impression on a personal level, as this could make or break your application. We give you a range of opportunities to do this, including asking about your hobbies, skills, employment and past achievements. You can of course skip any questions you do not wish to answer (although some are required).

Putting across the right impression may include the following (non-exhaustive list):

  • Coherent English, including proper grammar and spelling;
  • Light-hearted comments, such as jokes. Don’t try too hard, of course. We LOVE irony and satire, as well as a bit of sarcasm;
  • Eagerness, because we want to see that you WANT to join us, not that you’re just applying to “another guild or clan”;
  • Intelligence, showing off how much you know about gaming, technology, or whatever else you happen to have an interest in!

Despite the fact that we de-emphasize elitist “skill” questions as much as we can, we are still interested in your past experience with video games. There are a number of questions that will test your knowledge and understanding of specific games that you’ve played, but we try to keep these limited to a few at any given time. None of these questions are required and, if you make a great personal impression but have no past experience to speak of, leaving them blank will be weighed up against the rest of your application. In short, skipping over them won’t automatically get you declined (although it is likely to make the decision harder).

When you put in your application, we will indicate which fields are required. Not every field will be required, leaving you free to chose which fields you fill in based on what you WANT to say. If you don’t have anything to say in response to something we ask, don’t feel compelled to force an answer. We’d much rather read an application form with 6 good, well written and genuine answers, than one with 12 forced and poorly written answers.

We may require you to attend a TeamSpeak or instant messenger (such as MSN, Skype, etc) interview, and we withhold the right to take new members on a trial membership prior to awarding full membership (although due to the nature of the clan, we tend not to do this).

If you wish to discuss the progress of your application at any point, please make a thread in the “Applications” section of the forum, making sure to indicate who you are in the thread title. Someone will respond within 24 hours, although it may take longer during busy periods.

Group applications:¬†Group applications are designed for a group of people interested in joining TKT, but it allows them to pool their applications into a single form. This is good for small groups of friends who are used to playing together and do not want to take their chances submitting individual applications. We will judge each member of the group based on the answers given in the single form. We will not accept group applications involving more than 5 people. Where indicated, select “Group Application”, and specify the number of people in the group. Answer all other questions as a group.

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