TKT is a general gaming community, although our main focus is on MMOs and multi-player RPGs. Due to the large numbers of games we may be represented in at any given time, we operate two game types.

Our primary games are called “Division”. These are games where TKT is focused as a larger group, and we actively recruit for and promote ourselves in these games. These games may involve certain activities that require more organization, such as raiding, large scale PvP and group content. We bring in the vast majority of our members by recruiting specifically for these games.

Our secondary games are called “Games of Interest”. These are games where TKT does not focus itself as a large group, but still operates with a clan tag or other such identifier. These are games that we show nothing more than a casual, and sometimes passing, interest in. We tend not to actively recruit for these games.


Guild Wars 2

Destiny 1 (This is our only PS4-platform game, everything else is on PC; Destiny 2 PC Division coming upon launch!)

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (to a lesser degree)

Games of Interest

World of Warcraft

Diablo 3

Tribes Ascend


Star Wars: The Old Republic

Guild Wars 1

League of Legends

Civilization IV