Application Form

This is the application form you must submit to us if you wish to join our PC gaming clan. Use the submit form here to send it our way and we will consider it shortly. Make sure you copy the questions and write your answers along with the email. Please be thorough and sincere in your responses, as we don’t accept everybody. We take great pride in our clan and are dedicated to gaming on PC platforms, so please also keep that in mind.

TKT Clan Application

Who are you?

Briefly introduce yourself along with any cool things we might want to know about you. We’re more of a family of gamers than just a group of people who play games online together. We like to know who our members are, so feel free to include anything you deem appropriate. Also be sure to include important information like your general location (so we can arrange gaming sessions), a little about your gaming hardware, your gaming preferences, etc.

How did you hear about TKT (TakeTwo)?

We’d love to know how you heard about us. If anyone referred you to our clan, we’d also love to credit him or her. If you heard of us from one our big supporters/sponsors, we’d love to hear about it too.

Why would you like to join TKT?

The TKT Clan is prestigious in our eyes. Give us your reasons why you would like to join a gaming clan, specifically ours.

What makes you a good fit for TKT Clan?

We are a hardcore gaming group that prides ourselves in playing several hours a week. We love competition and see ourselves as winners more often than not. Help us understand what makes you a better fit than other applicants and gamers to accept in our clan? How will you dedicate yourself to doing raids and other in-game missions? In other words, what can you bring to the table?

Have you read everything about TKT Clan?

Before submitting any application, we need our potential members to understand what our clan is all about. You need to know who our main members are, what games we play, what platforms, etc. Find more information on our coveted Steam group page and our Recruitment page right here on Also follow our About page for more TKT history.

Parting words

Because we don’t like applicants to submit cover letters as their form of application, we’ve decided to get rid of that completely compared to years past. This is in favor of the new questionnaire-based application form to join the gaming clan. However, we still love personality to show in answers. Hence, we have collectively decided to review applicant’s parting words in this section. Feel free to include whatever else you wanted to say to us. You may talk to us as regulars here if you desire. This is the section to show your personality and sincerity in joining our group.