About TKT

TKT – formerly “TakeTwo” – was formed in 2008 by people that have been gaming together for over 5 years. The clan was set up initially to field a team of hard-core raiders for Star Wars: The Old Republic, but during the pre-release phase we realised the wealth of potential there was in broadening our horizons, thus becoming a more generalised gaming clan.

Over the past 3 years, TKT has been represented in some of the most popular games on the market, including World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Minecraft, Tribes Ascend and others. Where ever the TKT clan tag appears, we’re no doubt responsible.

TKT today is very different from the MMO-centric guild it used to be. Whilst we still harbour the same drive and motivation that we had at the beginning, we now present TKT as an organisation for like-minded gamers, a place for people at similar points in their lives to gather, those who still want to enjoy the familiarity and comfort of a proven group of friends to experience multiplayer (and single player) games with, rather than a group of hard-core raiders or PvPers that come and go as content allows.

We play games because we want to have fun, and we play them together because we are – in the truest possible sense – friends. Whilst we still have aspirations, whilst we still have motives and still strive to be the best we can, we game because we enjoy gaming, not because we enjoy work.